Divers Rescue Him From Being Trapped In Fisherman’s Nets And The End Is Unexpected [VIDEO]

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A viral Youtube video recorded the moment when two divers risked their lives to save the huge cetacean that ended up stuck with a rope.

It will move you to see it. The video has caused great commotion in thousands of users of different social networks, because of the unusual rescue that made two divers in Maldives. The images recorded the exact moment the divers risked their lives to help a whale shark.

The moment when an enigmatic whale shark passed a few meters away from two divers who are lovers of marine life. When one of them recorded the cetacean, he noticed the problem it presented.

As can be seen on Facebook, the divers approached the gigantic sea ​​creature to cut the fishing rope that was embedded in its body. The animal did not react violently when having contact with humans, a scene that touched thousands of users.

The daring subjects won the admiration of Facebook users after releasing the huge whale that ended with some injuries. One of the men withdrew the rope that was pressing the animal’s body and it immediately escaped.

Finally, the towering whale moved away from its rescuers. Within minutes, the animal decided to return to thank for its release.

If you want to see the moving scenes of the rescue of a huge whale, we invite you to watch the video below …


Source: La Republica