He Throws A Whole Turkey In The Ocean As Bait And Catches A Goliath Of A Creature [VIDEO]

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A viral video was shared on YouTube that reveals when a fisherman manages to catch a gigantic sea creature.

Incredible discovery. A viral YouTube video has shocked thousands of viewers, as the images show a huge sea creature that was able to catch a fisherman using a particular method. The young man put a whole chicken on the hook of his rod and threw it into the water. Minutes later, he managed to sting the gigantic animal. The clip is already trending on social networks, especially in countries like Mexico, the United States and Canada.

The audiovisual material, published by the YouTube channel ‘Catch Em All Fishing’, shows us a young man placing a whole chicken on his fishing pole. The man introduces the bait into the sea and waits several minutes for his prey to bite the hook.

As you can see in the video, which has 29,000,000 views on YouTube, no fish bit the hook; however, after a few minutes the fishing rod began to move. The young man had captured a large marine animal.

After examining it, the author of the YouTube video decided to remove the hook from his mouth and return it to the sea, a gesture that was applauded by thousands of users on social networks; However, that did not stop him from having much criticism.

Some viewers on YouTube consider that fishing for fun is quite cruel, while others congratulated the American Youtuber for having shown the wonders that inhabit the deepest ocean.

“The good thing is that it returned the fish to the ocean”, “I am always surprised by the number of marine animals that we do not know”, “I think you should only fish out of necessity, but not for fun”, are some of the comments that users of YouTube they made in this viral video.

Watch the viral Youtube video below …


Source: La Republica