In Brazil 97 Turtles Are Born On The Beach Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic [VIDEO]

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Sea turtles are endangered according to the World Wildlife Fund.

While Brazilian citizens quarantine their homes and the number of those infected with coronaviruses exceeds 9,000, life makes its way into the sea with the birth of 97 hawksbill turtles on a beach in Brazil.

On March 22 these sea turtles broke the shell and now they have completed their life cycle on the lonely beach of Janga, in the state of Pernambuco.

Only the municipal authorities of Brazil became aware of the natural event, due to the quarantine due to the coronavirus. As is known, these marine reptiles come to shore to lay their eggs in the sand. After a while, these hatch and the new baby turtles start their journey back to the sea.

However, the city lights often disorient sea turtles or are often disturbed by bathers and other visitors who come to the beach. On Twitter they see how these marine animals are free and fully enjoy their habitat.

“291 turtles, 87 green and 204 hawksbill turtles have been born on the São Paulo coast. Due to preventive measures against the coronavirus , the population could not see the birth up close, “said Herbert Andrade, Paulista environmental manager.

According to the monitoring of the non-profit organization “Blue Balance”, all the turtles were able to complete their process and reached the sea. Meanwhile, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) hawksbill turtles are critically endangered.

Watch the viral Twitter video below …


Source: El Popular