No One Is Enjoying Covid-19 Quarantine Except Maybe These Dolphins (VIDEO)

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After the national quarantine, marine animals have fun on the beaches of the Peruvian coast.

Nature is reborn in the midst of a pandemic. On the Costa de Verde, some beautiful dolphins were caught swimming freely on the 12th day of quarantine due to the expansion of the coronavirus in Peru.

Days ago, large flocks of birds had been witnessed, among seagulls, pelicans and gallinazos on the beaches of Agua Dulce. Now, in the clear and clean waters of the Costa Verde, a spectacular dolphin dance was seen.

During the summer season, Agua Dulce receives about 8 thousand bathers per day, now, in the clean and desolate environment, the animals claim their own habitat.

“Nature is recovering spaces that the human being had taken from it. On the one hand, it is a good indicator of the resilience that wildlife has, ”said José Alvarez Alonso, general director of Biological Diversity of the Ministry of the Environment (Minam).

Another positive factor brought by the national quarantine is the quality of the air. The Minam explained that since the beginning of compulsory social isolation, the presence of contaminating residues that cause a condition to the respiratory and cardiovascular system has been reduced.

Watch the Youtube video below …


Source: El Popular