Curiosity Always Gets The Cat When He Tests The Water And Has A Terrified Reaction [VIDEO]

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It is viral on TikTok. The cat tried to go slowly down to the bottom of the bathtub with water and when he did he instantly regretted it.

A woman shared on TikTok her cat’s mischief before she took a bath. The feline tried to touch the water in a bathtub but it slipped and had a funny reaction that amused thousands of users on various social networks.

The feline touched the water in the tub with its two front paws, but realizing that it did not like the sensation, it tried to flee and ended up falling.

Finally, after a few seconds of panic, the animal was able to leave and quickly move away from the place.

The clip shared by user @clazzyurbs, on TikTok, has been played over 4,000,000 times and already has 200,000 likes.

Those cats do not like water. According to animal life specialist Katherine Houpt, this is due to their original habitat: “Cats have always lived in deserts, so they have little experience with water.”

According to this theory, cats may take many more years to adapt to water, so we will continue to enjoy their antics on TikTok and other social networks.

Watch the viral TikTok video below …

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Source: La Republica