They Dye A Lake To Stop Instagrammers Photo Ops During Covid-19 Outbreaks

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Even an epidemic of COVID-19 cannot prevent Instagrammers from going to an old UK quarry to take pictures in front of a “blue lagoon”.  

The local police department therefore tried a new approach to prevent them from going there: they dumped black dye in the water to change its turquoise colour which attracts so many photo enthusiasts. 

“Yesterday we received reports that people were gathering at the Blue Lagoon” from Harper Hill, Buxton. There is no doubt that this is due to the picturesque aspect of the place and the pleasant weather (for once!)

In Buxton. However, the place is dangerous and the kind of gathering contravenes instructions from the UK government. With this in mind, we went to there this morning and we used water colouring to make the water less attractive,” wrote Buxton Police.  

See the Viral Facebook post below …


Source: tvanouvelles