Trump Sends Floating Hospital To Treat Coronavirus In New York (VIDEO)

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Trump fired the USNS Comfort ship, which will bring medical aid to New York City , the area most affected by the coronavirus in the United States.

Donald Trump fired the USNS Comfort military hospital ship, which departed with medical equipment from the port of Norfolk, Virginia, for New York City to attend to coronavirus patients.

The vessel is scheduled to arrive in New York City on Monday, March 30, and will open its doors on Tuesday, March 31. It will offer its 1,000 hospital beds to assist in the eradication of COVID-19 in the hardest hit region of the United States.

Trump pointed out that infected patients who do not have symptoms of the disease will be able to receive treatment on board the ship, and this will free up space in medical centers within the city for those who suffer most from the pandemic.

Hope for New York against the coronavirus

The Comfort ship is a “70,000-ton message of hope and solidarity for the people of New York, a place I know very well, a place I love,” Trump said. “We are here for you, we are fighting for you and we are with you all the way and we always will be,” added the president.

Defense Secretary Mike Esper accompanied President Trump on his brief visit to the Norfolk port for the vessel’s farewell. They both watched from a dock near shore as tugs released the ties for the ship to depart.

Shortly before travelling to Virginia to fire the boat, Trump had told the press that he planned to quarantine New York City for 14 days , an intention that was withdrawn shortly after the refusal of the governor of the state of New York, Andrew Cuomo.

On board the Comfort, a former oil tanker set up as a floating hospital, travels active and reserve personnel from the United States Navy, as well as civil service sailors. It is operated by the Military Shipping Command, which supports the work done by the Navy to curb the coronavirus in New York City.

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Source: La Verdad Noticias