She Was Recording A Dance Challenge And Her Puppy Was Drowning In The Pool (VIDEO)

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A shocking video was revealed through Youtube, showing how a young influencer put aside her flirtatious dance challenge to save the life of a small dog.

A curious Facebook video has generated the applause of thousands of users since in these images the exact moment was revealed when a young influencer decided to put aside her dance challenge to save the life of a small dog that had fallen into a deep pool and was about to drown. The woman did not hesitate to jump into the water to save the life of the little dog and her noble gesture became a trend in several countries such as Mexico, Canada, the United States, among others.

Currently, adults and children show their talent to be ‘popular’ on Facebook and other social networks. As it happened with a girl , who planned to dance to the rhythm of a catchy song. However, he had to stop his plans due to a terrible accident.

Cadence Beaver, 19, was fixing her camera to find her best angle with the perfect shot of her backyard at her home in Arizona, United States. On the count of three, she began recording her choreography, which took a dramatic turn.

As seen in the viral video of Youtube, animals girl appeared and walked along the edge of the pool. Suddenly, a Rottweiler dog of about nine months slipped, putting his life at risk.

Faced with the tragic situation, the star of Youtube quickly turned to dive into the water and prevent her pup from drowning. In the end, she said that both are in good health and it was just a scare.

The images were disclosed on an animal page on Facebook, where they achieved more than 12,000 views and became a trend in a matter of hours. Meanwhile, users highlighted the amazing work of the girl and show their sincere love for their pets.

Watch the viral Youtube video below …


Source: La Republica