A Canadian Stream Turns Blood Red In Creepy Pictures Taken From A Horror Movie (VIDEO)

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Users on Canada’s social media claimed the video was proof that Bible prophecies were coming true, but there seems to be a more logical explanation.

Images showing a stream flowing with blood-red water have scared the internet.

The video taken from Etobicoke Creek in Ontario, Canada appears to be more of a scene from a real-life horror movie. Show the water in the stream completely red as far as the eye can see.

With the coronavirus and locust infestations causing chaos across the globe, the creepy video was enough to convince some social media users that the end was near.

More than 100,000 people watched the video after @ adamcarson0205 posted it on Twitter last night.

Several users started posting saying that those images were biblical.

One tweeted an image of Jesus Christ, saying: “You better start believing in Bible prophecy. You are in one. “

Another added:” Locust plagues, red rivers like blood, frogs, mosquitoes, plagues, earthquakes, pandemics etc. Prepare yourselves. Nothing can stop what is coming. ” But luckily the view has a much more understandable explanation.

 Peel Public Works said in a tweet yesterday: “Approximately 400 liters of red ink spilled into the Etobicoke stream.

“The Ministry of Environment and Conservation and Parks are on site and cleanup is underway.”

Some viewers do not agree that it is 400 liters of red paint since the images say that it is much more.

A user commented: why all the rivers in the world even in Antarctica are painted red because they are not painted in another colour or because they do not spill their supposed paint in another colour because they are always red ?

Watch the viral Twitter video below …


Source: @CP24 and @CTVToronto and Extranotix