Never Seen Before Images of Lake Michigan Completely Frozen

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We know how important frosts are in the United States, so it is not surprising that Lake Michigan temperatures are below freezing at this time. These reach -46 degrees Celsius, it is for this reason that Lake Michigan has become a world that seems to be inhabited by Jack Frost himself. A frozen world is in it.

An amazing lake

Although it is constantly subjected to sub-zero temperatures, the truth is that, according to meteorologist Tom Skilling, this lake has never completely frozen. However, he claims that it is entirely possible for it to occur, especially if the temperatures are too low, such as this time. This has long been expected to happen, as it has never been seen at any point in history.

In many winters this was covered with 90% ice, but never completely. There are winters that have been the strongest lived, such as the one from 1903-1904. However, it has not reached its highest freezing point, as it was always slightly frozen. Currently no information has been found about a winter where this lake was completely frozen. Is awesome!


Why happens?

Skilling affirms that this occurs due to a combination of the waves and the constant wind that makes it that way, in addition to the temperature that remains inside the waters, the truth is that it is quite difficult for Lake Michigan to freeze in its highest point and is completely covered by a thick layer of ice.

Although the strongest point of winter begins in January and February, the truth is that it never freezes. Recall that, according to Skilling, this lake plays the role of a boiling cauldron, even when temperatures are at their lowest point. There is always a part of the lake that is thawed and completely free of ice. When boiling water contacts ice, it releases smoke. Amazing.

Never Seen Before Images of Lake Michigan Completely Frozen

Temperatures will drop

The truth is that the air coming from the Arctic will no longer have the same contact with the Midwest, so temperatures could rise to 0 degrees in the Chicago area. It is incredible that this happens, but by the end of the week temperatures can rise above freezing.

Never Seen Before Images of Lake Michigan Completely Frozen


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