Serpent Slithers Out Of The River Onto A Fisherman’s Legs To Feed (VIDEO)

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The fisherman sat down beside the river, and a few seconds later, the huge snake emerged from the water and positioned itself on his legs.

It has left more than one with the creeps, to show a terrifying scene by a fisherman in the United States and the female snake. The subject sat on the bank of a river to fish, not imagining that a voracious snake would suddenly emerge from the water. This alarmed more than some on social networks.

The publication has been shared by The Dodo YouTube channel, where more than 3 million users from Mexico, the United States , Spain and other countries have managed to appreciate what happened in the fierce encounter starring a man with a hungry snake .

It is the viper snake, also known as the water snake, which is a species that dives and swims freely thanks to the rapid lateral movements of its body, it can even remain submerged for up to 15 minutes without getting out of breathe, as indicated by the blogger Ángel Sánchez, researcher on exotic animals.

Millions of viewers who follow The Dodo channel were impressed with the images that have become a trending topic on YouTube. Here we share the viral video so that you can appreciate the terrifying encounter.

Watch the viral Youtube video below …


Source: La Republica