He Grabs A Dangerous Jellyfish From His Canoe On A Lake With His Bare Hands (VIDEO)

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It is viral on Facebook and Youtube, and highlights the risky maneuver that the expert perpetuated by dipping his hands in the water to catch jellyfish.

You do not want to miss it. Through the popular Facebook platform, a new viral video was released that has surprised millions of users on social networks. The images show the precise moment in which a fisherman crosses a lake and finds strange marine species very dangerous for the human being, risking to catch them.

Thousands of citizens were perplexed by the feat and did not hesitate to share the video on multiple occasions, managing to add more than 3 million views in just 3 days. In addition, the audiovisual material exceeded 19,000 ‘likes’ on Facebook, so it is now trending in countries such as the United States , Mexico and Spain. Did you already see it? Here we share it with you.

The images were originally posted on the Coyote Peterson Facebook page; However, the popularity of the video was so great that it reached other platforms such as YouTube and Twitter. This profile is dedicated to exploring and explaining wildlife life in different types of ecosystems and spaces around the world.

Coyote, as this intrepid fellow is called, embarked on an adventure with his film crew in the flow of a river in the United States. “We are surrounded by jellyfish. There comes one, very bad that it is so deep. I want to catch one”, was what the young man said before putting his hands in the water.

The jellyfish are commonly known for their painful defense mechanism, which consists of powerful bites, which can even lead to very serious injuries. The cameraman, hearing what Coyote would do, was alarmed; however, a surprise brought relief.

Coyote claims that these types of jellyfish are quite harmless and do not sting humans like some species in the same family. Then he proceeds to teach its wonderful appearance and characteristics.

Here we share with you the viral Facebook video…


Source: La Republica