Astonishing World Wonders Found Underwater (IMAGES)

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Although about 80% of our planet is covered with water, people investigated only 5% of undersea world. Vast deeps such as oceans and seas and even lakes and rivers have always attracted and equally scared our ancestors. Their bottoms covered with various and often mysterious stuff generated curiosity and fright, created panic and wakened hopes, sparked rumours and fired people with enthusiasm to strike on truth.

Ever since humanity had started exploring mysterious underwater world, discoveries increased not only in numbers but in their extravagance. While some of those findings are pretty antique, others only a few decades old. Nevertheless, most of them represent distinctive artifacts treasured by humankind for their unique cultural heritage.

The Sunken Plane

F4U Corsair is a one of the most countless examples of military planes which wreckages were found on the sea bottom. Its sinking happened at the end of World War Two after the plane took part in a rocket attack on Japanese settings. According to researchers and divers participated in the thorough investigation, a fighter’s fuel tanks seemed to run empty after which it plunked down into the water. Human parts were also found in a while, and now the hero’s descendants know where their ancestor’s final resting place is.

Astonishing World Wonders Found Underwater

Statues of Heraclion

The ancient city Heraclion had been considered as unproved assumption until recently, when its remains were accidentally discovered by an archeologist who was looking for quite a different stuff. A discovery of pretty vast collection of magnificent statues eventually confirmed existence of the thriving city that was an important cultural and commercial centre of early civilization.

Astonishing World Wonders Found Underwater

Huge Junk Cemetery in Pacific

The creepy story behind this haunting picture reveals terrible events of the WW2 that happened decades ago in the Southern Pacific region. A pile of wreckages you can see here is just a small part of a huge underwater cemetery for Japanese war fleet members. The remains of ships and planes are still present in Chuuk Lagoon, and nobody knows when Japanese authorities will clean the area up that for a long time have been representing a great danger to local marine life.

Astonishing World Wonders Found Underwater

A Circle of Underwater Sculptures

If you happen to be in Caribbean region by any chance, there is an unusual underwater object that since recently has been a popular tourist destination frequently visited by divers as well as by regular tourists. The object consists of considerable circle of concrete human figures that stand hand in hand facing into the ocean depths. This massive group of statues was created in 2006 by Jason deCaires Taylor, a sculptor, diving instructor and underwater photographer, who is well-known for his revolutionary and peculiar ideas.

Astonishing World Wonders Found Underwater

A Huge Vessel on Mediterranean Bottom

A huge 10,000 ton vessel sank in 1980 in Mediterranean during her very first trip from Sweden, where it was built, to Athens, Greece. A few problems (including a software mistake) were noticed when Zenobia was passing Larnaca, Cypress. Due to organized actions all the crew left the vessel on time just before it sunk, and since then it is still lying on the sea ground attracting thousands of scuba divers who are still rating it as one of the “best” wreck diving sites on the planet.

Astonishing World Wonders Found Underwater

“Little Angel” in Mexico

This dismal image reminds us something more extraterrestrial than of the earthbound origin. Nevertheless, this place is located in the howling Mexican wilderness – on the Yucatan Peninsula, to be exact. Nearly all the peninsula is made of porous and spongy limestone shelf, which is easily penetrated by local internal waters that are collected here in multiple sinkholes or cenotes. This precise cenote is just one among many others that all form a natural phenomenon that Mayan tribes used to call as “a sacred well”.

Astonishing World Wonders Found Underwater

An Artificial Reef in Mexican Gulf

This is one of the outdated USS Oriskany aircraft carriers (also known as a Mighty O), which after seven bloody battles of Vietnamese-Korean war was finally decommissioned, got decayed and eventually sunk in Mexican Gulf. This is where it was taken over by the seawater natural elements such as coral and algae to become one of the largest artificial reefs on our planet.

Astonishing World Wonders Found Underwater

An Atlantic Train Cemetery

Adventurous mood takes divers and researchers to the most unfathomed deeps and opens gates to extraordinary discoveries. This is what happened to a group of explorers who came into the train wrecks piled onto Atlantic bottom during one of their diving undertakings. The pile was found in 1985 and the train cars’ age dates back as far as 1850’s, and one still wonders how they got into the water depth off the New Jersey coast.

Astonishing World Wonders Found Underwater

Mysterious Formations near Yonaguni coast

Researchers are still in doubts about these sunken compositions of massive blocks found not too far from Japanese waterfront. The age of these ruins is more than 5,000 years old, which, according to some experts, seem to be a product of a human workmanship. Other specialists are inclined to think that these formations look more like a creation of nature.

Astonishing World Wonders Found Underwater

Shipwreck near Vanuatu Island

SS President Coolidge, built in 1931, was the most magnificent American liner of her day until the WW2 events, when she transferred into a landing ship helping to secure Pacific area from Japanese troops. After the Pearl Harbor battle the vessel took part in evacuation of injured seamen, but the very next year it happened to bump up against underwater mines off the Vanuatu Island and sunk.

Divers can observe its chandeliers and mosaic tiles that now live side by side with corals and underwater creatures such as barracuda, sea turtles and lionfish.

Astonishing World Wonders Found Underwater

The Famous 1912 Shipwreck

Everyone has heard about the most famous ship-breach of all, so we will not pester you with gruesome details of the well-known tragedy. Well, Titanic‘s wreckages are still rotting off in immeasurable deeps of the Atlantic feeding pervasive metal-consuming bacteria.

Astonishing World Wonders Found Underwater

Mesmerizing Underwater Sites of an Archaic Chinese City

Except for the ancient Heraclion, there is another archaic, but much more well-preserved underwater city covered by the depths of the Chinese mountain lake. A settlement called by locals as Lion City (or “Shi Cheng” in Chinese) was founded by an age-old dynasty that ruled the area in 1-2 centuries. Lion City has been peacefully living until 1959 when Chinese authorities decided to construct a dam on its place.  The city was submerged, but its undisturbed sites are often visited by curious divers.

Astonishing World Wonders Found Underwater

SS Thistlegorm and its Wartime Cargo

Just after a year since its launch into the water the SS Thistlegorm, a commercial navy vessel, was sent to the Red Sea bottom by a Nazi’s bomber. The bomb blasted a yawning gap through the ship framework creating an excellent access for scuba divers. Its cargo made of smashed steam locomotives, trucks and motorbikes looks like an underwater museum of the WW2 military equipment.

Astonishing World Wonders Found Underwater

Tons of Silver near Irish Coast

In 1941 the SS ship Gairsoppa was going from India to Britain carrying a cargo of about 219 tons of silver on board, when it was struck by the enemy missile and crash-dived. In 2011 researchers have found the treasure that values now at $210 million which makes it the greatest recovery of precious metals ever lost underwater.

Astonishing World Wonders Found Underwater

A Breakthrough Discovery near a Greek Island

This peculiar finding looks a bit more like a human handiwork, and it was proved to be so by history itself and related credentials. It was found in the beginning of the 20-th century by a group of Greek sponge divers near Antikythera Island. Scientists established that this was nothing else but a kind of an antique computer that helped ancient Greeks in their astronomical observations and predictions.

Astonishing World Wonders Found Underwater

Recovery of Apollo 11 Sunken Parts

It was a dream of a billionaire and Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos – to find rocket engine parts of the famous Apollo 11.  It finally came true in 2012 when a sonar technology helped a rescue team sponsored by Bezos to discover debris of the spaceship that were lying 14,000 feet under the sea level for about 43 years.

Astonishing World Wonders Found Underwater

Shipwrecks Along Canadian Shore

These shipwrecks are just on the waterfront of the shallow waters of the Ontario’s Big Tub Harbour, and their high visibility makes them a major diving (and snorkeling) attraction. The wrecks of Canadian schooner Sweepstakes have been in those waters since 1885 and seem to be left there for the long haul.

Astonishing World Wonders Found Underwater

A Mystery on the Lake Michigan’s Bottom

A usage of sonar technology for underwater research played a key role in a great number of new discoveries including a recent one that happened a few years ago during the Lake Michigan exploration. While looking for shipwrecks, researchers found a range of curious stones on the lake’s bottom that had been placed in a Stonehenge-like fashion. This finding keeps on evoking various and sometimes contradictory opinions about its nature and purpose.

Astonishing World Wonders Found Underwater


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