He Takes A Nap On Their Tugboat They Wake Him Up But He Is Too Drowsy To Leave (VIDEO)

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The video of the bird caused a stir on YouTube and other social platforms.

A pelican starred in a unique scene that took place in San Diego, California (United States). This was recorded in a timely manner, and the video was later broadcast on YouTube by the well-known ViralHog channel.

The drowsy bird, as we mentioned in the headline, appears to be taking a nap. What is peculiar about it is the place where he decided to take his well needed sleep.

The clip shows the animal, characteristic of the coast, resting on a boat that is at sea. The person who recorded the situation, who would be the same person who provided the video to be published on YouTube, tries waking him up.

Some viewers indicated that the video made them laugh. “It’s funny to see how that pelican sleeps so soundly. I would have liked to see what happened after he was awakened,” said one of them.

Watch the viral Youtube video below …


Source: Mag el Comercio