They Walk On A Frozen Pool And Experience Something Hilariously Peculiar [VIDEO]

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It is viral video on YouTube showing two kittens walking on the frozen surface of a swimming pool causing laughter.

The images show the cute moment when two cats climb onto a frozen pool and walk on the slippery surface, without imagining that they would what they would experience.

Thousands of viewers reacted positively and shared the video on multiple social media sites, managing to add almost 700,000 views in just a couple of days. Also, it exceeded 50,000 likes on YouTube, so it is now trending in countries like the United States, Australia and Canada. Did you already see it? 

The video was originally published by the account @alexisinfantino on Twitter; However, it was so popular that they also shared it on other social networks such as YouTube and Facebook. The amusing scene was captured by a young woman from the back window of her home.

Both cats decided to take some fresh air and went out into the backyard of the house, where an above ground pool is located. Due to the extreme cold that hit the area, the water had frozen, a moment that the cats took advantage of.

At the same time, both pets climbed the plastic frame and entered the pool, not imagining that walking on the surface would be quite  so difficult.

None of the kittens expected that moving across the frozen water would be so complicated, because after a few seconds of walking on the surface, both slipped on multiple occasions, causing laughter among everyone.

Watch the viral YouTube video below …


Source: La Republica