Asian Woman Is Recorded Cooking A Whole Shark And Causes Outrage Around The World (VIDEO)

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Tik Tok users showed their rejection and outrage at a viral video, where a young woman is seen dressing an angelfish in a frying pan.

In China , a video posted on the popular Tik Tok social network has generated all kinds of reactions, as an Asian woman is seen cooking an angelfish fish with boiled water and other species.

Exotic food reignited the controversy over a Tik Tok video that has gone viral on the Internet, as a woman appears preparing a angelfish fish (a shark of the Squatinidae family), whose body twists after she throws it boiled water and other species.

The viral video has sparked controversy among users of social networks. The comments are mostly of rejection and outrage, especially at the way of cooking this animal.

“I really can’t handle this, I respect everyone’s beliefs but it’s too much,” commented one user.

“They should ban the sale and trafficking of wildlife there, as well as the consumption of puppies and cats at their festivals, I think it is time to end cruelty to nature. Now we see how we pay what humans do to the planet, “criticized other users on the networks.

However, there were contrary comments on Tik Tok from some who defended the practice as part of the culinary culture of Asia and said that they are the equivalent of eating chicken, beef or another type of animal protein, “only in the West we are not used to it to this type of food ”, highlighted one user. Others indicated that the fish was not alive, but its muscles reacted like this, like those of chickens when they cut off their heads.

Watch the viral TikTok video below …

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Source: La Republica