He Was Social Distancing In The Sand By The Ocean Then They Just Had To Bother Him [VIDEO]

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A viral video was published on TikTok that reveals the terrible scare that some young people took when they found a dog lying in the sand.

Nothing is what it seems. A viral video was shared through TikTok that surprised more than one viewer, because some young people were scared to discover a dog lying in the sand and not moving. At first, they thought the animal was ‘dead’, but it only enjoyed the sunny day.

The dog has become the main protagonists of TikTok and other social networks, either for their occurrences or abilities. This happened with an adorable puppy who could not find a better place to sleep and was caught by several vacationers, who came to see if he was okay.

Before a group of friends came to the beach, the dog that seemed to live around, made a hole of its size with the help of its front legs and lay down inside, as shown in the TikTok images.

After a few minutes, the boys surrounded the animal and took out their cell phones to record the unique scene that they later uploaded to TikTok. One of them came to touch him on different parts of his body and find out if he was still alive.

Great was everyone’s amazement when they realized that the dog came to the place just to have a peaceful nap. Despite the boys’ attempts to wake up the cheeky pup, he ignored them and continued to sleep.

The images were released on a page dedicated to animals on Facebook, where they achieved more than 58,000 views and became a trend in a matter of hours. On the other hand, users compared their pets to the curious behaviour of the dog when it remained in the sand.

Watch the viral TikTok video below …

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Source: La Republica