He Rescues Them After They Were Stranded In Water And Struggling To Live (VIDEO)

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A viral Youtube video recorded the moment an intrepid young man risked his life by catching three fearsome sharks that were about to die.

Thousands of Youtube users were amazed to see the swift action of a daring man, who approached three sharks that were on the shore of the beach, in Namibia, Africa, to catch them. Some bathers who were on site helped with the rescue of dangerous predators who were struggling to live.

The publication was shared by Dodo page Facebook, where more than half a million users in Mexico, United States, Canada and others, were able to appreciate the scenes of the rescue to the sharks.

A shark expert was alerted that a group of small predators were fighting for their lives. The animals ended up trapped on the shore of a beach in Africa. A really amazing scene.

“A person who was walking in the area called me and what happened was that we have what we call a sulfur eruption. It is a natural process, but all the oxygen disappears from the water. So the sharks swam shallows looking waves “described the author of the viral video of Facebook.

In the scenes you can see the moment when some bathers entered the water to help the rescuer catch the sharks. After a few minutes, the man accomplished his goal and returned the animals to deeper waters.

Through this note we share the viral video published on Youtube

Watch the viral Youtube video below …


Source: La Republica