She Brings Home A Tiny Gold Fish And It Turns Out To Be A Carnivorous ‘Monster’

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At first, Gerald was not far from any other gold fish, but then he ate several of his aquarium mates and required more space each time.

Alexandria Miller, a 28-year-old Chicago (USA) resident, acquired a small fish named Gerald in July 2018. It was her carnival trophy and looked like any other gold fish, measuring just  five centimeters. However, in a month it started to grow and every time I needed more space.

Alexandria was forced to isolate Gerald from her peers after she devoured several of them. The gold fish continues to grow, it has already used two aquariums – the move cost $ 1,300 to its owner, who is preparing to buy a new one – and at the moment it measures 30 centimeters, reports The Mirror newspaper.

Alexandria thinks her pet is around two years old, but she doesn’t know for sure. In the absence of potential prey, Gerald tells him that he is bored or hungry by jumping out of the water and taking the aquarium thermometer with which he hits the glass to get his attention.

Judging from the photos released in the media, the goldfish can now be compared in length to a cardboard box for 12 eggs.

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Source: Actualidad RT