Human Absence Has Cleaned The Water In Venice Canals You Won’t Believe What They Seen Swimming (VIDEO)

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The water in the canals and the Venetian lagoon has been cleaned as contamination by the coronavirus quarantine has decreased


Italy has entered its second week of quarantine due to Covid-19 deaths and infections.

Since they have been isolated at home, contamination has decreased. Even the water in the canals and the Venice lagoon has been cleaned. Now that it is clearer, you can better see what inhabits these places.

“Good news: the drop in pollution due to quarantine has made channels look clean for the first time in 60 years,” wrote a Twitter user.

“After a week of confinement, the canals of Venice look clean and full of fish. This gives us an idea of ​​what would happen on earth without humans,” wrote another person.

But what has caught the most attention, according to international media, is the presence of dolphins in the area, since it is very rare to find them. There have been quite a few who have visited the lagoon and several people have seen them.

“Humans are the real virus ,” wrote some people on social media.

Watch the Viral Youtube video below …


Source: Excelsior

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