Man Rescues Newborn Calf That Fell Into The River And Returns It To Its Mother (VIDEO)

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The animal accidentally fell into a river and his mother was unable to help him. Fortunately a man appeared and brought them back together.

A viral video posted on Youtube has touched thousands of citizens as it shows the exact moment a man rescues a newborn calf that had fallen into a river. The images were recorded in Australia and thanks to social networks they became a trend in the United States, Mexico, Canada, among other countries.

According to ViralHog, who published the video on Facebook and YouTube, the rescue of the little calf was lifted out by a fisherman who lives in Booral, a town located in the Council of the Middle Coast of New South Wales, in Australia.

According to the publication, the man went fishing in a river around 6:00 am in the company of his friend, when suddenly they began to hear strange noises coming from the under bank. They both approached and were surprised to see the calf.

“We were fishing in a river at 6 in the morning and we heard some strange noises. We discovered that a calf had fallen from a ravine just after birth,” said the man who published the images that became a trend on Facebook and other social networks.

As you can see in the video, which has thousands of views on Facebook, the man goes down to the river and takes the calf in his arms. Subsequently, he climbs up the ravine and returns it to his mother, who still had the afterbirth attached to her and was finally able to reunite with her calf.

The images published on Youtube generated all kinds of comments. Most congratulate the subject for saving this little calf that would have died had it not been heard. 

Watch the viral Youtube video that shows the exact moment of this emotional rescue below …


Source: La Republica