Saint Patrick, Patron And Evangelizer Of Ireland Who Was Taken Prisoner By Pirates

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Today’s saints, Tuesday March 17: we remember Saint Patrick, whose life passed in the fourth century between Ireland and England.

Several are the Patrons of Europe.  In addition to Saint Benedict, Saint Bridget of Sweden, Saint Catherine of Siena, Saint Teresa Benedicta de la Cruz, and Saints Cyril and Methodius, each European country and each zone has its most special protector. For example, today we are approaching the figure of Saint Patrick, who is Protector of Ireland. Born in Great Britain around 365. 

The son of an officer in the Roman army, named Calpurnio, his mother came from the family of San Martín de Tours. At age 16, in his teens, he was taken prisoner by some pirates, along with other colleagues. The kidnappers decide to sell them to a wealthy Irish man  named Milcho. While tending his sheep as a shepherd in his service, he tried in vain to escape several times. But each one of these moments was a warning from Providence that wanted to guide him to the path of Faith, from which he had been separated until then. 

The saints of this Tuesday, March 17 

History places him at this time on the shores of May. There he would live this captivity, near Mount Corchan Aigli, where he gave himself up to the strictest penances to atone for his sins and have a strong experience of God. Putting himself in the hands of the Most High, one day he dreamed that he was going very far by sea and that a ship received him. 

Understanding that this path marked Heaven, he set out and took a boat that took him to France. After several years in the Gallic country, the Spirit would lead him to Ireland , where his apostolate would be fruitful. Consecrated bishop, his apostolate managed to spread the Gospel of Christ among the Irish. 461 died in Downpatrick, a town that put this name precisely in his honour.


Saint Patrick, Patron And Evangelizer Of Ireland Who Was Taken Prisoner By Pirates


Source: Cope