Verdict In Ex-Sailor Trial For Murder Of Wife (VIDEO)

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The District Attorney’s Office believed that Elizabeth Sullivan’s body had been “hidden somewhere” before being thrown into the bay.

SAN DIEGO – A jury found a former member of the United States Navy service, guilty of the murder of his wife, in a case that began when his body was discovered on the edge of the San Diego Bay in 2016.

Matthew Sullivan, now 35, was found not guilty of first-degree murder, but was convicted of second-degree murder after stabbing to death his wife, Elizabeth Sullivan, 32. Her body was found years after her disappearance half a mile from the home the couple shared with their two young daughters .

Matthew Sullivan’s sentencing was scheduled for April 13. He is detained without bail.

The first day of the murder trial began on February 21 with opening statements and testimonies from Elizabeth Sullivan’s loved ones.

In court, Matthew Sullivan sat quietly, looking at the desk in front of him as Deputy Defense Attorney Jill Lindberg described how a “whirlwind romance” quickly turned into domestic violence, and ultimately murder.

A potential motive, according to prosecutors during opening remarks, was an extramarital affair that Matthew Sullivan learned of approximately a month before his wife’s disappearance.

“He had a lot of motives, he had the means, he had the opportunity,” Lindberg said. “The crime scene was in his room. The murder weapon was in the attic above his room. “

At the start of the trial, Lindberg showed the jury the knife that she says Matthew Sullivan used to stab his wife at least five times, hitting several ribs and leaving a pool of blood on the floor of his third-floor room.

According to police reports obtained by Telemundo 20, there was a history of domestic violence in the couple’s marriage, and they began to discuss custody of their two daughters and financial support.

Elizabeth Sullivan was reported missing on October 14, 2014. She was seen a day earlier near Liberty Station in San Diego. A text message was sent on October 13, 2014, it was the last contact she had with loved ones, before her cell phone was turned off.

Police searched for the former sailor’s lost wife and mother of two girls, without finding her. The mysterious case cooled off after his family asked that he return healthy.

But there was a break in the case on October 6, 2016, when his body was found. It was that same day that Matthew Sullivan moved from San Diego to Maryland with his new girlfriend, a fact that Lindberg said was no coincidence.

Due to the severe deterioration, it would be another week until the San Diego police could identify his body, and another year and a half until the police could link Matthew Sullivan to his death.

The District Attorney’s Office believed that Elizabeth Sullivan’s body had been “hidden somewhere” before being thrown into the bay.

The former sailor was detained on January 31, 2018. And approximately a week later he was extradited to San Diego, and was admitted to the George Bailey Detention Center, where he remained until he was able to face a charge of first-degree murder.


Source: TeleMundo20