Young Boy Risks His Life To Save Him After He Had Fallen Into An Oil Well (VIDEO)

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A video posted on Youtube revealed the most courageous act of a small boy who put his life in danger to save a defenseless puppy.

A boy has become the little hero and has been applauded on social networks. A viral video was published on YouTube showing the minor risking his life to save a dog that was trapped in an oil well. The images did not take long to become a trend in countries such as Mexico, Canada and the United States.

In the clip uploaded to YouTube you can see how the 10-year-old boy is held by some adults by the feet, while he makes all his effort to stretch to reach the puppy that had fallen by chance into the well. The puppy was bathed in the substance and could not move because of how scared he was.

After several minutes doing everything within his capabilities, the minor managed to grab the small animal’s neck and bring it to the surface. The dog still looked scared, while the boy takes it to take it to a river and wash it to be able to remove the excess oil that it had all over its body.

“I took the rescued dog home, washed it with shampoo and fed it with milk,” said the little boy named Taylan to some local media that did not let his courageous action go unnoticed.

The video was published a few hours ago and has not stopped receiving flattering comments for the minor, who at such a young age put his life at risk to save a defenseless puppy that almost died.

“I sincerely congratulate you on your exemplary behaviour”, “God bless that child”, “I hope the puppy and the child are well and together”, were just some of the comments that caused the images on Internet users. 

Watch the viral Youtube video below …


Source: la republica