He Tries To Take A Selfie With A Huge Sea Creature Who Has An Unexpected Reaction (VIDEO)

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A viral video was published on YouTube that reveals the emotional behaviour of a manatee when he realizes that a young man was swimming next to him.

A fact that you will never forget. A viral video was shared through YouTube that stunned thousands of users, after a young man recorded the precise moment of his great feat when trying to take a selfie with a gigantic manatee in the depths of the Crystal River, located in Florida. This singular fact became a trend in different countries such as Mexico, Canada and the United States.

Lushan He, 36, dedicated to diving practices in the United States, decided to swim with his companions with the aim of taking a photo with a gigantic animal and did not imagine that he would take an unforgettable experience, which he shared later in YouTube.

As seen in the YouTube images, the man approached the mammal with his camera to carry out his action taking his precautions, while his friends stayed around to avoid any incident.

Suddenly, the manatee agreed to the diver’s moving request and starred in a fun pose to obtain the perfect portrait that would later be uploaded to social networks. In addition, the animal had a friendly attitude and allowed himself to be caressed by the subjects , whom he considered his ‘new friends’.

“It was an absolutely incredible experience. The Crystal River is the best place for people to swim with manatees, ” Lushan said after fulfilling one of his greatest wishes, which made him ‘famous’ on YouTube.

The channel called Caters Clips was in charge of spreading the images on the YouTube platform \, where they reached more than 10,000 views and quickly became a trend. On the other hand, several users were surprised by the action of the huge marine animal.

Here we leave you the original YouTube video:


Source: La Republica