They Record A Shark Brutally Attacking Its Victim Devouring Him Head First Followed By Its Entire Body (VIDEO)

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A viral video was posted on YouTube showing the terrifying moment when a shark bites the head of an octopus and swallows it instantly.

A chilling fact. On YouTube a viral video was shared that left thousands of users impacted, after a man reported the precise moment a hungry shark ate an octopus in the shortest time possible. This unusual fact became a trend in different countries such as the United States, Mexico and Canada.

Nicolas Resimont, 38, decided to enjoy his day off to go diving on the ocean floor with his companions and to observe marine life. Suddenly, he became aware of the presence of a bamboo-like shark looking for its ‘next victim’ and did not imagine that he was going to commit a brutal attack, which caused a shock on YouTube and other social networks.

The terrible event starring the animals occurred at Manta Point in Bali, Indonesia. Meanwhile, the subjects kept their distance to prevent any aggression from the ferocious animal.

As seen in the viral video on YouTube, the shark gave several turns around to find food. It was then that he noticed an octopus hidden among the rocks trying to save his life.

Within seconds, the black and brown banded shark rushed up and opened its jaw to catch the octopus who wanted to confront its ‘attacker’, but had no luck because it bit his head and swallowed the rest of his body.

Caters Clips was in charge of disseminating the images on the YouTube platform, where they reached more than 17,000 views and soon became a trend. On the other hand, the users were amazed with the action of the shark to satisfy their hunger, likewise, they noticed the fear of the other creatures that were close to the shocking event.

Watch the viral YouTube video here:


Source: La Republica