Diver Captures Strange Sea Creature That Resembles An Underwater Tarantula [VIDEO]

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The video has gone viral on Youtube. A diver was astonished to be a few meters away from a Mediterranean comatula, a kind of lily of the sea.

A strange aquatic creature has left thousands of Youtube users speechless. A diver who swam in the depths of the sea ran into a specimen with tentacles. As he approached he discovered what animal it was. These images shared by the Viral Hog page have gone viral in a matter of seconds.

As you can see in the first minutes of the viral video of Youtube, a sea creature was just a few meters from the diver, who did not hesitate to record this moment.

It is a Mediterranean comatula or also known as carnation, which are one of the sea-animals formed by a cup-shaped disk and has 10 arms.

According to some details, this species that has extended arms can reach 20 cm in diameter. In its aboral part, or lower and have elongated appendages. The author of the video said that this is one of the endangered creatures.

Thousands of users who watched the viral video were amazed to see the impressive aspect of the story that was a few centimeters from a water camera.

Currently, the video published in Viral Hog on Youtube has more than 300,000 views and hundreds of comments from users in Mexico, the United States and Canada.

Watch the viral Youtube video below …

Source: La Republica