Cheeky Seagull Finds An Unusual Form Of Transportation (VIDEO)

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The video starring the bird has almost 2,000 views on YouTube.

A seagull has caused laughs among YouTube users, who saw what it was doing to travel without flying. The video starring this oviparous, has accumulated almost 2,000 reproductions.

It turns out that the recording shows the seagull standing in the hood of a moving car. Everything seems to indicate that the animal was tired or bored of flying. The women driving in the car moved quickly to start recording the odd moment and were laughing the whole time. 

The video was recently shared on YouTube by the ViralHog channel. Many users made it clear that they were more than amazed to see how the bird had managed to transport itself without moving its wings.

“If they told me, I wouldn’t believe it. I think that seagull has done that several times”, “It seems that he is riding a skateboard ” and “ It is certainly a peculiar and funny scene”, were some of the comments of Internet users.

Watch the viral Youtube video below …


Source: Trome