Writings Recovered From Blackbeard’s Ship Can Dispel Myths About The Notorious Pirate

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The rescue team of the ship “Queen Anne’s Revenge” came across 16 mailings that had been underwater for 300 years

The legendary ship “Queen Anne’s Revenge”, guided by the pirate Blackbeard on expeditions between 1717 and 1718, revealed new historical traces that help to understand the pirate performance in the United Kingdom. Recovery work carried out on the artifacts found in the ship’s wreckage analyzed 16 paper fragments.

The letters found raise the hypothesis that the pirate was literate and, possibly, had a reading habit, contradicting the idea that Blackbeard had a barbaric and ignorant posture. The papers were removed from a cannon mouth that was covered and sealed with a cloth, delaying the destruction of the information contained in the letters.

Despite 300 years underwater, the relics managed to be recovered for reading. In 16 letters, seven presented legible texts. The scriptures found contained book notes and copies of excerpts, such as a few paragraphs from A Voyage to the South Sea and Around the World, by Edward Cooke. In addition to the localized section, other sections with incomprehensible words were recovered.

According to Erik Farrel, curator of the team responsible for recovery at QAR Lab, pirates ‘ loot used to carry items of all kinds, including books. “Given the literacy level of the English navy, at the moment, it could have belonged to any member of the crew,” said Erik.

Writings Recovered From Blackbeard's Ship Can Dispel Myths About The Notorious Pirate

Illustration of Blackbeard, the most famous pirate in history – Disclosure / Disney


Source: Aventuras na Historia