They Hear Crying Noises Coming From A Cave And Are Heartbroken When They See What’s Inside (VIDEO)

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The incident, took place in an American location, went viral after being spread on the Internet.

The moment in which US rescuers found a group of newborn puppies that had remained alone and inside a tiny cave went viral on social. The fact not only excited the volunteers, but also thousands of users on Facebook who could not avoid being moved to see the recording of the incident. You will be surprised with this story that has gone around the world.

As you can see in the clip uploaded to Facebook, rescuers went out of their way to remove the dogs from the cave using food to attract their attention. It was quite noticeable that they hadn’t eaten for at least several days. They also looked fearful since they had never had contact with human beings in their lives.

The volunteers managed to get the first pup out without problems; however, the rest backed away and hid at the bottom of the cave. This forced one of the rescuers to enter the cave, which put his life at risk. Unfortunately, the puppies could not be reached using their hands.

Then, the volunteers used a trap to reach the puppies. It was in this way that one by one they went out; however, it was necessary to dig in the ground to finish removing all of them.

There came a time when rescuers believed they had rescued all the puppies. After reviewing the cave again, they discovered that there was still one left, so one last effort had to be made. In total there were 8 rescued dogs.

Subsequently, the puppies were taken to a shelter, where they received medical attention and food. There they received the support of a dog that acted as their mother.

Watch the video below that accumulates more than a million and a half views and 20 thousand reactions on Facebook.


Source: Mag el Comercio