They Are Under Attack By Aggressive Fish While Diving (VIDEO)

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The video is viral on Youtube. The divers took the strangest experience of their lives when they came across voracious creatures who started attacking them.

An underwater journey has become a scene viral on Facebook and Youtube, because of the unexpected encounter that had the players with a creature ravenous. A couple of divers who swam in the deepest sea, in Indonesia, were attacked by two hungry fish, a scene that generated great commotion in thousands of users from Mexico, the United States, Canada and other countries.

“These aggressive fish attacked us when we were diving,” described one of the victims of the attack that has gone viral on Facebook and YouTube.

Through the account Viral Hog of Youtube, the video recorded in the depths of the sea of Bali in Indonesia, has spread in various social networks. Two crossbow fishes attacked the divers, who made a recording in the ocean.

According to some details in the publication, the incident occurred on January 22, 2020; However, recently, the scenes have been shared on Facebook and YouTube platforms, leaving more than one user who loves marine life surprised.

In the images of the viral video you can see the moment when divers swim quickly to get away from the sea creatures. Seconds later, the person holding the camera was also attacked by one of the fish.

Fortunately, the protagonists of the Youtube video were unharmed from the attack.

Watch the viral Youtube video below …



Source: La Republica