He Turned His Aquarium Into A Soccer Field And The Fish LOVE It [VIDEO]

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A young man shared on Youtube the incredible ‘soccer match’ that his fish had after he turned his fish tank into a sports field.

A curious Youtube video has gone viral in a short time after revealing the vibrant ‘soccer match’ that a group of fish had in the peculiar aquarium that their owner had created for them.

The animal owner transformed his fish tank into a sports field and what aquatic beings did when they saw a ball near them left thousands of Youtube users amazed. 

Through Youtube we usually share all kinds of funny pet videos, which become viral in minutes due to the peculiar behaviour that these curious beings of nature often have.

A recent Youtube video shared by Newsflare revealed the incredible behaviour that a group of fish had when they saw that their owner turned their fish tank into a soccer field and also threw them a ball.

As recorded in this Youtube video, the fish got together as if they were really in a vibrant soccer match. This is not all because the young man who recorded this viral clip, managed to record the exact moment in which one of these aquatic beings made an annotation in the arc of the opposite ‘team’.

The curious scene generated all kinds of reactions in social networks and quickly the video became a trend on Youtube, managing to reach more than 139,000 views just a few hours after being shared. 

Watch the viral Youtube video below …


Source: La Republica