They Save A Pelican Who Swallowed A Cell Phone By Mistaking It With Food (VIDEO)

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He took it from a woman’s hand on a beach, but bathers called veterinarians who managed to remove it.

The incident occurred in Tavernier, Florida, United States, on February 23.

Seeing the animal in distress, witnesses decided to contact the Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center of the Florida Keys, whose specialists immediately came to their aid.

The heroes and rescuers took the pelican to the hospital and started to extract the phone.

The center’s executive director, Jordan Budnik, told FOX 13 that it was not necessary to sedate the animal because these kinds of birds are sensitive to that procedure.

The video published by the rehabilitation center, on March 1, shows the exact moment in which an inmate of the establishment, Emma McCarthy, and the hospital technician, Adam Manglitz, begin the extraction of the object.

“The pelicans have a large throat/esophagus and when done carefully, it is possible to reach the stomach as seen here,” Budnik explained. 

“Fortunately for us, Emma has small hands and was able to retrieve the phone quickly,” he added.

The procedure took no more than 10 seconds and, with some “nervous” laughter, the doctors completed the mission.

The pelican, which has been christened ‘Cell Peli’, was covered in pieces of fish and worms, so it was “quite unpleasant,” said the director and indicated that the cell phone was not working at that time.

In their publication, veterinarians called for attention to the community and urged tourists and natives not to feed wild animals, as it is prohibited by law and causes them serious harm.

As for the cell phone, it was delivered to its owner.

Watch the viral Facebook video below …



Source: Noticias CaracolTV