They Capture A Gigantic Creature From The Ocean In The Philippines [VIDEO]

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A group of experienced fishermen are viral on YouTube, after capturing a huge sea creature that weighs more than 100 kilograms.

Shocking images Thanks to the popular YouTube platform, a new viral video was shared that has amazed hundreds of users on social networks. The audiovisual material captured the precise moment in which a group of men managed to catch, among their networks, a huge sea creature of more than 150 kilograms. The fish had to be loaded among several to be removed from the sea. The clip became a trend in various social networks.

According to Viral Press, the YouTube channel that published the video, the impressive images that show the huge sea creature were recorded near the ‘Cat-iwing’ village, located south of Leyte, Philippines. In that place, fishing is quite common; however, they had never caught a mere fish of such size and weight.

Rose Marie Lambonao, one of the witnesses, told Viral Press that fishermen in the ‘Cat-iwing’ village usually catch all kinds of fish, even grouper. However, she had never witnessed a large marine animal that needed to be carried by six people.

The woman revealed that the gigantic grouper was taken to a local market, where it sold quickly, but not before being photographed by several curious people who came to see it. “Everyone in our town went to see the giant fish. It is an unusual sight,” he said.

According to the description of the video, uploaded on March 3 to YouTube, the grouper is a very popular fish in the Philippines, where it is popularly known as ‘Lapu-Lapu’. 

Watch the viral Youtube video below …


Source: La Republica