Young Girl Accidentally Finds A Weapon From The Bronze Age On A British Beach

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The child found the object in just one minute thanks to her grandfather’s metal detector, a veteran treasure hunter.

An 8-year-old British schoolgirl discovered a valuable piece of the Bronze Age on a beach in Southbourne, a small town on the south coast of England. The girl located the object in just one minute, using the metal detector of her grandfather, a member of a national association of ‘searchers’.

The minor, Ava Bray, begged her grandfather to let her try using the device and, moments later, the detector indicated that she had found something. The girl began to dig and at a depth of 15-20 centimeters found an ax, says Daily Mirror.

“I could see that it was made of bronze,” says the grandfather of the fortunate, identified as Tony, who confesses that he did not notice the age of the object until they arrived home and searched for “clues on the Internet.” The artifact found by Ava turned out to be a Bronze Age weapon about 3,000 years old. 

“We were very lucky: some people with metal detectors can spend a lifetime searching and never find anything like that,” Tony said. 

The fate of the ancient artifact has not yet been decided, although, according to the media, Ava hopes they will let her keep her extraordinary find.

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Source: ActualidadRT