Fish Fraud! They Sell Ice Over Fish And That’s How They Cheat Consumers

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They deceive consumers by restaurants, supermarkets and fishmongers.

From the creators of Jack X Hare, an investigation that at the end of last year proved the deception to consumers by restaurants, supermarkets and fishmongers by selling them a species of fish for another of lesser value, such as replacing cod with sharks and Stripes, now arrives in the Lenten season: Water for Fish.

“We knew that there is a technique called glaze, which is a coverage with frozen water on the fillet or shrimp and is something that is normally used to maintain product quality,” said Renata Terrazas, director of Transparency Campaigns at Oceana Mexico.

But what was unknown until today is that the fillet and shrimp glaze, the Mexicans end up paying as if it were animal protein.

“And this might not be a problem if they only charge you the steak inside, but the reality is that they are also charging you all the water around, ” Terrazas said.

The new study by Oceana México, said the director of Transparency Campaigns, began in early 2020, when tests were conducted on 82 samples purchased in 10 supermarket chains in the country’s capital.

“There the figure is a bit creepy, 98 percent of the samples had glaze, they didn’t inform you and they charged you,” he said.

He stressed that, on average, frozen water weighs 30 percent of the total sea product packaged for sale.

“Shrimp are the ones that had an average weight in water, in glaze, and then this water, here you can see, you add each one, because you get to be over 30 percent,” he said.

Renata Terrazas said that this situation is observed especially in species imported from species such as Tilapia, Basa and shrimp, where the glaze you pay can weigh up to 57 percent of the total.

He warned that marketers take advantage of the legal vacuum that exists in Mexico to collect the glaze, so it is urgent that the Federal Attorney General’s Office (Profeco) and the Ministry of Economy join the work carried out by the National Aquaculture and Fisheries Commission (Conapesca) and civil society organizations.

Fish Fraud! They Sell Ice Over Fish And That's How They Cheat Consumers

The above in order to avoid unfair competition with Mexican producers and a true fisheries traceability policy can be created, that traces the fish from the boat to the plate, stops illegal fishing and that results in a labeling so that The consumer knows what he is eating.

“I am very sure that not even the authority itself, in this case the Profeco has an idea that this happens, so what we need is to generate a legal framework, that indicates that this exists, that regulates it and, above all, that forces the marketers, to supermarkets, to inform the consumer what is the percentage of water that is being carried and not be charged,” he said.

Fish Fraud! They Sell Ice Over Fish And That's How They Cheat Consumers


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