They Normally Avoid Water At All Costs But Not This Surfing Kitten (VIDEO)

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He is a little kitten who enjoys surfing with his owners.

A small kitten has won the hearts of Internet users after virilizing the curious ability of the cat to surf, something that certainly is not seen every day.

Hokule’a is the name of the little kitten that was abandoned and adopted by a couple of Surfers in Hawaii who were able to transfer their taste for the waves to the fur baby.

The little kitten has an Instagram profile in which videos and publications of the kitten are constantly uploaded, performing any kind of skills on a surfboard.

I am Hokule’a, the cat that surfs. I have two humans, Alessia and Pat, I live Aloha and I love the waves. We have a planet that we need to save! ” it reads in the description of the kitten’s Instagram account.

Hokule’a already exceeds 18 thousand followers on Instagram today.


Source: Los40