They Position A Camera On A Fallen Log Over A River And Are Surprised What They See Crossing (VIDEO)

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A viral video was published on YouTube that shows the species that were recorded by a hidden camera when they were walking along a trunk watered in a channel.

An unexpected fact. On YouTube a viral video was shared that left thousands of users impacted, after a tourist installed a hidden camera on a fallen log located in a channel and a surprise was the record the various animals that passed through the area.

The subject took advantage of his free time to do his favourite sport in a desolate forest in Pennsylvania, United States. Suddenly, he had an ingenious idea when he came across an old stagnant tree because he wanted to appreciate wildlife in that place and then upload it to YouTube and other social networks.

After several days, the man returned to pick up his electronic device and review what had happened in his absence. One of the first animals to pass was a raccoon , and then a paw accompanied by their young that were learning to swim along the riverbed.

In addition, wild creatures walked, for example, gigantic bears, a fox and felines looking for food to survive, as seen in the YouTube scenes .

Even appeared by the end of the viral video on YouTube, all kinds of small birds that had several confrontations to stay with the food they had caught with their beaks and remove it did not matter to them his companion .

Clarín was in charge of disseminating the images on the YouTube platform, where they achieved more than 400 thousand views and became a trend in a matter of hours. Meanwhile, users highlighted the beauty of nature and the actions of animals while remaining in the trunk.

Watch the viral Youtube video below …


Source: La Republica