He Does High Jumps To Attract And Conquer His Partner (VIDEO)

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Video is viral on YouTube. The strange creature can breathe air, has bulging eyes and two fins that allow it to move over the mud.

On YouTube and other social networks it is causing up feeling a viral video that has left speechless thousands of citizens in Mexico, Canada, United States, among other countries, because it shows the ‘pogo mud’, a fish strange that can move in mainland to feed on other species.

The audiovisual material, published on Facebook and YouTube by BBC Earth, is a fantastic documentary narrated by the English presenter Sir David Attenborough, who details the main characteristics of the fish ‘mud jump’, such as his bulging eyes or that can breathe air.

According to the publication, which has more than 6 million views on YouTube, the muddy jumping fish has an elongated shape, a prominent head, two dorsal fins and two lateral fins that allow it to move through the mud and make small leaps.

“The muddy jumping fish spends most of its life out of the sea and can walk on firm land. It can also breathe air, ” says the narrator of the shocking viral video that was uploaded a few days ago to Facebook, YouTube and other social networks.

As you can see in the video, which has been shared by thousands of users on YouTube, the muddy jumping fish is quite territorial and when it wishes to mate it must compete against other males, jumping as high as possible over the mud.

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Source: La Republica