A Crazy Bird Takes A Ride Standing On The Back Of A Crocodile Like A Boss[VIDEO]

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A group of tourists walking through a zoo recorded the moment when a reckless heron walks on the reptile’s back.

You will not believe it. On Facebook, a video whose protagonists are a heron and a fearsome crocodile went viral. The images recorded by a tourist recorded the precise moment in the bird demonstrates bravery when placed in the tail of the hungry predator that walked inside an enclosure in the United States.

Thousands of users from countries like Mexico, the United States and Canada commented on the publication shared by Facebook’s It’s Gone Viral page.

As you can see the viral video, a heron climbed on the tail of a crocodile and strolled around on the reptile’s back, leaving dozens of tourists strolling inside the zoo in the United States in disbelief.

Page It’s Gone Viral on Facebook has become one of the most visited Internet after spreading the video of the animals. Some of his followers admired the boldness of the bird after being on a crocodile.

“The heron showed who’s in charge,” “This video is epic,” “I can’t believe it. The crocodile never attacked the bird”, were some of the comments that Youtube users wrote, after watching the viral video.

Watch the viral Youtube video below …

Source: La Republica