She Stands In Front Of A Gigantic Alligator And Feeds It By Hand (VIDEO)

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Via Instagram the young woman put the food in one of her hands and slowly approached the fierce animal, without imagining her curious behaviour.

A video shared on Instagram has gone viral and has impacted thousands of users, as it shows the exact moment when a woman takes a piece of meat and approaches a giant crocodile to feed it. The unusual clip quickly became a trend in social networks.

The young woman, known as Gaby Nikolle, takes care of and tries to preserve wildlife. One of his biggest passions is to rescue animals, especially crocodiles, for which seems to be her weakness. The video she stars in reveals how well she gets along with these dangerous reptiles.

In the images, originally shared on her Instagram account, but which went viral on YouTube, you can see how she enters a cage where a crocodile is and stands in front of it with a huge piece of meat in her bare hand. The hungry predator quickly approaches her in order to take the food from her hand.

Just a moment later she gives him a shout of command and he takes the piece of meat with his huge teeth. While the crocodile devours its food, the woman takes advantage and caresses its back, as if it were her little pet.

In her social networks, you can see how Gaby Nikolle has photographs and videos with various animals. Among which are a huge group of crocodiles, which she cares for.

This clip shared on Instagram went viral, generating all kinds of reactions among a large number of users. Some of the outstanding comments of the publication were: “How terrifying. Without a doubt I would not approach a crocodile like that”,“How dare that girl. She caresses the huge animal as if it were her little pet,” among other comments.

Watch the viral Instagram video below …


Source: La Republica