This Video Just Gave Me An Anxiety Attack He Tries Swimming From One Hole To Another Below The Ice Of Frozen Lake (VIDEO)

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Did any of them realize the danger of the swimmer? A friend of his encouraged and filmed the scene from above the transparent ice.

An American was about to die by drowning while trying to swim between two holes below the frozen surface of a lake in the state of Utah.

The man submerged himself through a hole and tried to swim to swim under the ice from one entry hole to another, located several meters away. However, not finding it, he decided to return to the hole where he had entered the water, but he could not find it either.

A few centimeters above him on the transparent ice, a friend of the swimmer films the scene totally oblivious to the danger in which the man was in. Luckily, everything ended well, and the swimmer managed to find the exit hole shortly before his oxygen ran out.  

“I have never been so close to death,” he wrote on his Instagram account, where he posted the distressing video.


Watch the viral Twitter video below …


Source: Actualidad RT