Gigantic Creatures Emerge From The Sea And Almost Crush Tourist Boat (VIDEO)

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It is viral on TikTok. Tourists had a terrifying moment after experiencing two whales suddenly flying out of the ocean, very close to their boat.

A viral video shared on TikTok has caused great impact among thousands of viewers, because it shows the chilling moment that some tourists lived while touring the sea. People never imagined seeing two humpback whales emerging from the water a few meters from the boat in which they were travelling.

Some tourists who were travelling in a small boat carried a pleasant journey, not realizing they would be surprised by two huge cetaceans.

As can be seen in the images published in TikTok, two of the girls who were in the boat, got very close to the bow and could feel a great chill when they saw two humpback whales in front of their eyes.

The two gigantic animals suddenly appeared through the water to devour some fish that had conglomerated on the surface, causing the girls to scare.

It should be noted that these cetaceans can reach a length of 16 meters and weigh around 36 tons. There are currently less than 80,000 copies worldwide.

This video shared on TikTok has more than 575,000 likes and 2870 comments…


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Source: La Republica