Police Save His Life After He Fell Through The Ice In A Frozen Pond [VIDEO]

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A viral video posted on Facebook reveals the noble action of police officers to rescue a helpless dog that fell into frozen waters.

Admirable work. A viral video was shared through Facebook that moved thousands of users, after the emotional scene of two policeman rescuing a dog, who was away from his home and fell into a frozen river in the United States. This emotional fact became a trend in different countries such as Mexico, Canada and USA.

Some neighbours of a community located in Springfield were alarmed when they noticed a defenseless animal had suffered a terrible accident. Immediately, the authorities came to the lake to do their daring attempt, which caused a great impression on Facebook.

Everything would have happened because the dog named Lucky was walking along different streets in search of his home after having moved away a few meters, and by chance he stepped on weak ice causing him to sink into the icy waters due to the low temperatures.

As it is seen in the viral video on Facebook, two officers entered the water one walked in and the other with a small boat. 

Carefully, the agent entered without protection to grab the dog, who remained still in fear and cold. On the other hand, the owners of the protagonist of the viral Facebook post were notified by their friends and went to the site; They also thanked the men for saving the life of their boy.

The emotional images were disseminated on the ABC News channel on the Facebook platform, where they got more than 80 thousand views and quickly became a trend . Meanwhile, users congratulated the action of the brave effective officers to realize the danger of the animal.

Watch the viral Facebook video below …


Source: La Republica