Uber Eats Deliveryman Commits An Epic Fail Stunt That Leaves Him Humiliated (VIDEO)

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Thousands of Facebook users could not help mocking a young Uber Eats deliveryman who was trying to show off complex acrobatics. The guy ended up making a fool of himself and will have to bear the consequences of his risky act.

A recent Facebook video has generated thousands of users making fun of a young Uber Eats delivery man, who instead of surprising with his talent for ‘extreme’ stunts ended up making a fool of himself on social networks.

And it is that the young deliveryman of Uber never imagined that when trying to demonstrate his ability for acrobatics he would end up ruining the order he had to deliver in a matter of minutes. The images of his terrible mistake were shared on Facebook and Youtube and were viralized worldwide. 

Facebook has become one of the favourite social networks for millions of users due to the large number of funny videos that are shared on that platform, which are viralized by its peculiar content.

One of the most recent viral clips from Youtube shows the terrible blooper that starred a young Uber Eats deliveryman who had to deliver some pizzas. He tried to record a video for his social networks and had no better idea than to impress his ‘fans’ with a risky acrobatics; However, he never imagined that his work backpack would play a trick on him and make him look ridiculous.

As it was possible to register in this Youtube video, the young man wanted to arrive at his destination on time and for that he had to cross a waterway so he had no better idea than to jump it to get there faster.

It is at this time that things did not go as expected as the bag that had his food delivery opened and the pizzas he carried fell into the water below. The images of this incredible ‘fail’ did not go unnoticed on Facebook, a social network in which thousands made fun of the young man who just wanted to show his talent to overcome obstacles and ended up losing all the food he had to deliver.

Watch the viral YouTube video below …


Source: La Republica