She Dies By Drowning During Her Bachelorette Party And Is Buried In Her Wedding Dress [PHOTOS]

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Young woman travelled with her friends to celebrate her bachelorette party in a city in Ireland, but had a tragic end. Irish police investigate her mysterious death.

Nobody knows when the time of their death will come, far from what circumstances will occur, but what happens when it arrives unexpectedly and just on one of the happiest days of your life? This is precisely what happened to Ruth Maguire, a 30-year-old English girl, who died last weekend drowned at her bachelorette party.

Ruth’s surprise death caused great commotion among friends and family, who last Saturday, was buried in her wedding dress.

As reported by the English medium Telegraph, Maguire, who has three young children, had travelled with a group of 32 friends to the city of Carlingford ( Ireland ), to celebrate his bachelorette party. The women’s group went to a bar that night, but Ruth left the place without the others noticing, after 12:00 am, the Irish police report said.

When the girl’s friends arrived at the house they had leased for the party, they didn’t find Ruth there, so they started looking for her unsuccessfully, until noon on Sunday, when, unfortunately, the Police found Ruth’s body floating in a river.

The authorities believe that, due to alcohol consumption, the young woman would have lost her way to her house until she drowned in the river. For the moment, the police have ruled out the intervention of third parties in the mysterious death of the young woman.

Her sister, Rachel Maguire, told the above-mentioned media that Ruth’s boyfriend made the decision to bury her, last Saturday, in her wedding dress, that she was going to wear in five months.

She Dies By Drowning During Her Bachelorette Party And Is Buried In Her Wedding Dress

“She was getting married on August 8. Everything was ready. We are going to put the wedding dress on her coffin, ”said the young woman.


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