China Prepares To Send 100,000 Duck Soldiers To Its Borders To Devour Billions Of Lobsters (Video)

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China Global Television Network reports that one hundred thousand duck soldiers are gathering to prepare for the possible emergency. The troops of the ducks fight against the increase of the lobster.

China prepares with 100,000 specially trained “duck troops” to deal with swarms of lobsters approaching China from its border with India and Pakistan. Each duck can consume up to 400 lobsters a day.

Some farmers even say they are more effective than pesticides, since a juvenile duck can swallow lobsters in more than 4 m² of insects per day.

China is massively beaten by the coronavirus. But another plague is about to hit the Middle Kingdom: lobsters, billions of lobsters, currently wreaking havoc in East Africa, Pakistan and India. These brown ducks, “duck troops” for the Chinese media, are fond of insects and have already been used in invasions of previous lobsters.

Chinese zoologists are also investigating the possibility of containing the locust plague with genetic modification.


Watch the viral Twitter post below …


Source: Extranotix

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