Surfer Being Bitten By White Shark Punches It In The Face To Save His Life (IMAGE)

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Nick Minogue was attacked while surfing on Pauanui Beach in Auckland, north of New Zealand. His unusual story became a trend on Twitter.

A surfer faced a white shark in the sea and lived to tell. The fact, recorded last Saturday at Pauanui Beach, in Auckland, north of New Zealand, became a trend on the Internet.

Nick Minogue , 60, was in the water when he noticed that the shark swam in his direction. Then, he took his board to block the animal’s bite. After stopping his attack, the man began to punch him in the eyes while shouting “ Get out of here! ”, Reported the local radio RNZ.

The news was released through platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, generating all kinds of reactions among Internet users.

Blow To The Nose

The surfer explained that at the time of the attack he was quite far from the shore and that there was a very strong swell. “Suddenly I noticed a blow on the side of my arm and forearm,” he added.

Minogue says he could be saved because he had read that sharks did not like to be hit in the nose or eyes. Everything seems to indicate that this is true since the animal finally chose to leave. After hitting it hard, the shark stopped biting the board and retired touching the man with the dorsal fin.

Shortly after the attack, the surfer and his companion swam quickly to the shore. Minogue ended only with a cut in the arm and some holes in his suit.

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Source: Mag El Comercio