She Risks Her Own Life To Rescue Him From Drowning In Frozen Pond [VIDEO]

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On YouTube, a woman became the center of thousands of positive comments when a viral video was shared where she is shown rescuing her beloved dog from a frozen pond.

What guts! Via YouTube, a woman became ‘famous’ when she didn’t think twice before plunging into a frozen pond to rescue her pet, which had fallen inside and couldn’t get out. The dog was already drowning when his heroine came to put him safe on the shore. The incredible event took place in Russia and was captured in a video that went viral as soon as it was published on social networks, leaving thousands of users surprised at Alina’s courage.

The rescue happened exactly in the city of Mytishchi , in Russia, but it soon took off Russian social networks and spread to the point of being a trend on platforms in the United States, Mexico and Canada. Alina’s vigor has gone around the world.

The young woman was taking a walk with her pet in a park in her city Mytishchi when it ran off to chase ducks that were on the surface of the frozen pond.

The little dog despaired and broke the belt with which Alina was walking him and jumped onto the dangerous lake. Unfortunately, he stepped on an area of ​​thin ice that gave in to his weight and he sank.

It should be noted that in Russia, in the Moscow region, the temperature is between -3 and -10 degrees Celsius, so the cold faced by the brave woman is almost unbearable.

However, Alina cared more about her beloved pet, which was about to drown. She took off her coats and jumped into the water. She tried to break the ice as she advanced and, at the end of her feat, she had created a small path in the middle of the ice blocks to return to the shore.

Katya Tolkacheva, who was close to the incident, had recorded everything and shared it on her Instagram page where she already has 27 thousand views. She also also helped the pediatrician, pediatric gastroenterologist and mother of three to warm up when leaving the water.

“I would do the same and if I have to die for her and with her, I don’t doubt it,” said a user witnessing the feat on YouTube. “And the other people instead of helping start recording, what a world of ours!” Criticized another, indignant.

Watch the viral video below …


Source: La Republica