The New United States Navy Unmanned Robot Boat To Protect From Terrorist Attacks (VIDEO)

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Our mission in the future will be to protect ships from terrorist attacks.

This type of vessel will be destined to port defenses.

The United States Navy is trying to put into service an unmanned robot-ship that is responsible for both port and ship security. US maritime forces are currently experimenting with the use of unmanned ships that protect their main ships from terrorist attacks.

This development comes after the bitter experience lived in 2000, almost twenty years ago, when the terrorist group Al Qaeda attacked the USS Cole in the port of Aden.  The attack produced a hole in the waterline, also killing 17 sailors and costing $200 million in repairs.

Since that incident, the navy has been designing the so-called CUSV (Common Unmanned Surface Vehicle).  Vehicle that will basically have a sentinel mission to ensure the safety of other ships with human personnel. The navy service is testing the CUSV at the Norfolk naval base where it was concealed patrolling near a guided missile destroyer and an aircraft carrier.  

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